March 23: PhDebates: Time & Technology

In this PhDebates session we will be discussing relationships between time and technology. The amount of time invested in the creation and use of artefacts and architecture has been, and still is, an important area of inquiry.

The subjectivity of time – or time perception – is a relevant issue in this respect. On the one hand, certain technologies may be applied to increase time efficiency – that is, reduce the cost of manufacturing. On the other hand, there may be many other factors that do not necessarily dictate such direct pragmatism. For example, transferring skill from one producer to the next may require additional time investment. There is also the question of how we equate time spent with the importance and status of the object/building. Does high time investment mean an increased status of the object or its creator? Or should we relate time investment to the time available to people/societies? In this PhDebates session we will try to address a number of such issues through case studies and discuss how we may both objectively measure and come to understand time investment in the past.

Guest speaker:
Dr. Christina Tsoraki

PhD speakers:
Nathalie Brusgaard Desert graffiti? Killing time by carving rock art
Daniel Turner Time and stamina in earthen architecture

Discussion moderator:
Dr. Maikel Kuijpers

Time and place:
March 23, 15.00-17.00 hours.
Room E0.01

Followed by drinks
All are welcome to attend!

Last Modified: 17-03-2017