March 23: PhDebates: Time & Technology

In this PhDebates session we will be discussing relationships between time and technology. The amount of time invested in the creation and use of artefacts and architecture has been, and still is, an important area of inquiry.

Learn about active learning methods in the BA1 workshop!

This workshop, taking place on March 22, will provide insight in active learning methods, identify graduate skills (academic and professional) and discuss how these skills could be addressed in your courses. We will present ideas for the new course "Heritage & Society" as an example of an integrated approach.

Spring cleaning at the faculty

In the week of March 13, the cleaning staff will thoroughly clean the office rooms in the Van Steenis building. All staff is requested to remove all loose items from your desk, floor, window and cabinets.

Erica van Hees: "Becoming a council member allows you to be heard..."

Having gained experience, both as a student and as a member of staff at the Faculty of Archaeology, and interested in the challenges that occur in the continuous process of finding the right balance between education and research in an academic setting, I became a member of the Faculty Council almost three years ago.

Launch of the new faculty's Writing Lab

To help students who are working on their papers or thesis, the new Writing Lab offers a free service to coach and support them. Do you notice that your students are struggling with writing assignments? Then let them know of the Writing Lab!

Projecten gezocht voor Lowlands Science!

Popfestival Lowlands roept wetenschappers op voorstellen te doen voor onderzoek op het festival, dat wordt gehouden van 18 t/m 20 augustus. Lowlands Science is al twee jaar een succesvol onderdeel van het festivalprogramma.

Terra Book Fair

On the 7th, 8th and 9th of March 2017, L.A.S. Terra will host its annual book fair in the main hall. Here many interesting books  are sold of which the profits go to the study association so that they can organise more educational and fun activities for their members.

Brainstorm session on Research Themes

The Faculty wishes to formulate current and prospective Research Themes , that (inter)connect and transcend the Faculty’s Departments and chair/research groups. The Faculty aims to link these research themes to educational activities and research initiatives. Please join the brainstorm session on Friday February 24.

Library acquisitions

It is time to submit your requests for library acquisitions, preferably recently published work. Please note that we need your submissions before March 1.

Smoking prohibited on terrace

Please note that smoking will no longer be allowed on the terrace next to the Restaurant; the ashtray will be removed and stickers will be put in place in the near future.

New model for distribution of budgets

The Faculty Board has recently devised a simple model for the distribution of budgets for material costs among the Research Groups and the Departments. This model will be in force from the 1st of January, 2017.