Research projects

Mapping Historical Leiden: A Dynamic and Digital Atlas (Phase 1)

The online map application Mapping Historical Leiden facilitates an integrated analysis of historical, archaeological and buildings archaeological data from Early Modern Leiden, as well as offering accessible presentation of these data to a broader public through Heritage Leiden and Region’s website.

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The Bergeijk-Fazantlaan cemetery

In 1957 the largest Merovingian cemetery of the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant was discovered when the foundations were laid for an exceptional house designed by the famous Dutch architect Gerrit Rietveld.

The ANASTASIS project

The Anastasis project has as its goal the analysis and publication of a series of Merovingian or early medieval cemeteries in the Southern and Central Netherlands (c. 500 – 750 AD).

The Geldrop burials

The Merovingian burials of Geldrop were found on the farmyards of a settlement dating from the seventh century in 1991 and 1992. The burials are scattered over the settlement site. They are probably located on five or six farmyards.

The Oud-Leusden cemetery

Oud-Leusden (meaning Old Leusden, the deserted village) presents one of those rare occasions in the Netherlands where both cemetery and settlement have been excavated. They are situated right next to each other.

The Posterholt-Achterste Voort cemetery

The cemetery of Posterholt was discovered by the Archeologische Werkgroep of the Heemkundevereniging Roerstreek. In 1984 it was excavated by the State Archaeological Service and the Heemkundevereniging Roerstreek.

The burials inside the Basilica of Saint-Servatius in Maastricht

In the 1980’s the interior of the basilica of Saint-Servatius in Maastricht was excavated by the Town Archaeological Service. Next to a myriad of architectural remains, four hundred early medieval graves were found. They add up numerous graves found in the Pandhof, Vrijthof and Sint Servaasklooster excavations. The whole complex counts almost 2000 early medieval graves.