April 22 - 24: 22nd A&T Symposium: Mortuary archaeology, methodology and theory

And Merovingian mortuary studies in an interdisciplinary perspective

  • Date: April 22-24, 2015
  • Venue: Leiden University, Van Steenis building, Einsteinweg 2 in Leiden, room F1.04
  • Cost: €20 per day
  • Registration deadline: April 3rd

The first day of this three-day conference will be dedicated to a general discussion about theory and methodology of mortuary archaeology. The two consecutive days will focus specifically on early medieval cemetery archaeology in the Netherlands. For more details, please see the prelimenary programme and abstract booklet for the first day and the second and third day.

This form allows you to register for each day of the conference. Please note that your registration will not be processed until you have paid the conference fee (speakers and international attendees excepted). The conference fee is €20 for one day, €40 for two days and €60 for three days. After registering, please transfer your fee to Stichting Archaeological Dialogues IBAN: NL33INGB0002309869, mentioning your name and the number of days you registered for.

This fee covers coffee breaks, lunch and evening drinks at the Archaeology Faculty in Leiden. ARCHON students are eligible for reimbursement. The registration deadline is March 22nd. Here you can find list of hotels near the conference location for your convenience. 


Last Modified: 09-03-2015