New European project for the Archaeological Heritage Management chair group

In the context of the "Culture 2007-2013"-programme of the European Commission, a substantial grant has been awarded to a research network in which the Archaeologial Heritage Management chair group participates under the direction of dr. M.H. van den Dries.

The network, NEARCH, succeeds the ACE-network (Archaeology in Contemporary Europe: professional practices & public outreach) 2007-2012.

NEARCH aims to highlight the societal component of archaeology and focuses on the development and evaluation of new scenarios for community-involved archaeology. It will explore five different dimensions to widen-up the spectrum of public participation: encouraging artistic creations; initiating original dissemination tools; promoting transnational use of modern educational material; remodeling the profession as a cultural industry; enhancing community-driven site maintenance. The Faculty will coordinate the research on the latter. The network consists of thirteen organizations from ten European countries and runs up until 2017.  


Last Modified: 16-04-2013