Research projects

The Barrow Landscapes project

In the first half of the 20th century, hundreds of burial mounds in the Netherlands have been investigated. Many questions, however, are still unanswered. The barrow landscapes project tackles a number of these questions by re-investigating finds from excavations stored in museums with new methods and techniques.

Beyond and Before Barrows

Prehistoric burial mounds are still ubiquitous in the Northwest European landscape, but not much is known on the landscape they were part of, nor on what preceded them.

The Leiden Beaker Project

The Leiden Beaker Project is a research project about the structure of Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age farming communities. The project is headed by prof. dr. H. Fokkens.

The Maaskant Project

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The research programme of the Prehistoric Farming Group (European Prehistory) has several research projects. The largest and longest in terms of continuity is the Maaskant project directed by prof. dr. Harry Fokkens.

Early Iron Age 'chieftains' burials

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Triggered by the excavations in Oss (cemeteries Vorstengraf and Zevenbergen) between 1997 and 2007, Fokkens and Fontijn have started to study Hallstatt ‘elite’ burials. The results of fieldwork have lead to a discussion of Early Hallstatt burials in the Netherlands and in relation to the Hallstatt world in general.

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