Isotope Archaeology

Since October 2004, with the appointment of J. van der Plicht as visiting professor, isotope archaeology has become incorporated into the Bio-Archaeology group.

Van der Plicht is the scientific leader of the Radiocarbon Laboratory of the University of Groningen as well as a visiting professor in Leiden. Apart from 14C dating and its application to chronological questions in archaeology, stable isotope research (15N and 13C) is performed as well. The analysis of these isotopes from fossil bones allows conclusions about (palaeo)diet, migration, climate change and chronology to be made.

Presently active research projects with a strong Leiden component are: climate change and cultural transformation in Syria (Prof. dr. P. Akkermans); the collapse of the mammoth steppe ecosystem (Prof. dr. T. van Kolfschoten); isotopes in Caribean fossil bone (Dr. M. Hoogland); North Sea archaeology and paleozoology (Prof. dr. T. van Kolfschoten and Prof. dr. W. Roebroeks); provenance of Aegyptiaca (Dr. M.J.Versluys).


Prof. dr. ir. J. v.d. Plicht

+ 31 (0)71 527 2427 (Leiden)

+ 31 (0)50 363 4730 (Groningen)

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