About Bioarchaeology

Bioarchaeology in the Faculty of Archaeology at Leiden includes palaeo- and archaeo-botany and zoology, geoarchaeology, and isotope archaeology. Teaching and research in these fields is supported by laboratories that are well equipped and contain extensive palynological, macroscopic plant part, wood, teeth and bone reference collections. Research in this field is varied, deals with hominin and human activity in the last 2.6 million years in various parts of the world, and often occurs in international collaborative teams. Research interests actively being pursued include reconstruction of the environments in which hominins lived, investigations into the evolutionary trends in certain faunal taxa, and studies on how botanical and faunal assemblages can provide an understanding of trade and past economies. Within the Faculty Bioarchaeology staff also work closely with other group members and their students.

Last Modified: 05-01-2016