November 24: PhDebates Special – PhDilemma: mental health issues in academia

There is an increasing number of studies showing that mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders are prevalent among PhD researchers. The increasing demands of writing an excellent dissertation, publishing articles, and doing innovative research while at the same time being socially involved in the academic community and working on your next career moves create a large amount of pressure on PhD candidates. Yet at most universities there is still a taboo surrounding these issues, leading to little open discussion about them. Equally, there is a persistent culture of acceptance where issues such as stress, worry, and anxiety are considered ‘part of the job’ and ‘normal’ when doing a PhD.

In this special PhDebates session we want to create an open, bottom-up discussion guided by expert advice where these and other mental health issues can be brought to attention and considered. This session will discuss the concerns raised by PhD candidates of the Faculty of Archaeology in an anonymous survey on mental health, examine the options for professional help and support, and debate on how to move forward from here.

Date and venue

Date: November 24th
Time: 15:00-17:00 hours
Venue: Van Steenis, E0.01

Guest speakers

PhD speaker

The session will be followed by drinks (because we’ll all need one!)

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