Dr. Miguel John Versluys

Telephone number: +31 (0)71 527 2438
E-Mail: m.j.versluys@arch.leidenuniv.nl
Faculty / Department: Faculteit Archeologie, World Archaeology, Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology
Office Address: Van Steenis gebouw
Einsteinweg 2
2333 CC Leiden
Room number B109
Personal Homepage: www.archaeology.leiden.edu/​organisation/​versluys.jsp

Dr. Miguel John Versluys (1971) is associate professor of Classical & Mediterranean Archaeology. He holds a (cum laude) PhD from Leiden University (2001). Subsequently he lectured at the Free University (Amsterdam) before obtaining a post doctoral research fellowship at the Amsterdam Archaeological Centre (UvA). From 2001 to 2005 he conducted field work in Commagene (SE Anatolia) in the framework of the international Nemrud Dağ Project. He returned to Leiden as assistant (then associate) professor in 2006, amongst other things to develop and teach a new curriculum for Hellenistic and Roman Archaeology. In 2010 he obtained a VIDI grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific research (NWO) to build up his own research group. At present there are five PhD students attached to this project. In 2011 he was invited as guest professor at Université de Toulouse II – Le Mirail. Dr. Versluys’ main research interest is cultural interaction in the Hellenistic and Roman Mediterranean, Near East and Egypt. He published a monograph on the meaning of Aegyptiaca Romana and co-organises a series of international conferences on the theme that have so far resulted in three edited volumes. A monograph on Nemrud Dağ in its late Hellenistic context and an edited volume called Globalisation and the Roman world: perspectives and opportunities are both in press. Dr. Versluys was the chairman of the Dutch Stichting Archaeological Dialogues for 4 years and is a member of various national and international editorial boards. He lectures on all BA and MA levels of the Faculty in both the general program (Advanced Archaeological Theory) and the Classical & Mediterranean specialisation. He co-ordinated the MA program The archaeology of Egypt for a period of 3 years and is the Chair of the Faculty’s Education Committee.

Research projects

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For a full list of (forthcoming) publications click here. Monographs and edited volumes are listed below. Books in preparation include a monograph synthesising the results of the current VIDI project Cultural innovation in a globalising society: Egypt in the Roman world; an (upper graduate) introduction text book presenting new approaches within Classical Archaeology (with Natascha Sojc, provisionally entitled Exploring the classical object) and a multi edited volume for Routledge on Globalisation & Archaeology (with Tamar Hodos and others).


M.J. Versluys, Nemrud Dag and Commagene under Antiochos I. Material culture, identity and style in the late Hellenistic world (in press)

M.J. Versluys, Aegyptiaca Romana. Nilotic Scenes and the Roman Views of Egypt (Leiden - Boston 2002)
For information and reviews, see http://www.brill.nl/aegyptiaca-romana-nilotic-scenes-and-roman-views-egypt

Edited volumes

M. Pitts, M.J. Versluys (eds.), Globalisation and the Roman world: perspectives and opportunities (in press)

L. Bricault, M.J. Versluys (eds.), Image and reality of the Egyptian gods in the Hellenistic and Roman Mediterranean: from global to local (Mythos. Rivista di Storia delle Religioni, supplement 2) (in press)

L. Bricault, M.J. Versluys (eds.), Power, politics and the cults of Isis / Les cultes isiaques et le pouvoir (Leiden – Boston 2013, in press)

L. Bricault, M.J. Versluys (eds.), Isis on the Nile. Egyptian gods in Hellenistic and Roman Egypt (Leiden – Boston 2010)
For information and reviews, see http://www.brill.nl/isis-nile-egyptian-gods-hellenistic-and-roman-egypt

L. Bricault, M.J. Versluys & P.G.P. Meyboom (eds.), Nile into Tiber. Egypt in the Roman world (Leiden - Boston 2007)
For information and reviews, see http://www.brill.nl/nile-tiber-egypt-roman-world

Organisation of international conferences, workshops and sessions from 2008 onwards


  • Co-organizor of the expert meeting Material culture, agency and the transference of cultures (Leiden, Profile Area Globalisation)
  • Co-organizor of the international conference Beyond Egyptomania, Appropriations of Egypt in Rome organised at the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome
  • Co-organizor of the session The Romanisation of the Roman World. New theoretical, practical and methodological approaches to an old paradigm at the Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference (Frankfurt)

  • Co-organizor of the table-round Globalisation & the Roman world: perspectives and opportunities held at the University of Exeter.
  • Co-organizor of the Vth International Conference of Isis Studies held at the Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale (Boulogne): Power, politics and the cults of Isis.
  • Organizor of an international PhD research day: Egypt and the Orient in the Hellenistic and Roman worlds (Leiden).
  • Co-organizor of the session What did Classical Archaeology ever do for you? The application of theoretical approaches in Classical Archaeology and their potential for the archaeological discipline at the EAA Annual Meeting.
  • Organizor of the session Material connections. Transcultural networks of materiality in a comparative perspective at the Leiden Profile Area Conference Cosmopolitian Routes/Roots. Intersections of global heritage and migration.

  • Co-organizor of the IVth International Conference of Isis Studies held at Liège University: Isis on the Nile. Egyptian gods in Hellenistic and Roman Egypt.
  • Organizor of the session Acculturation or what? at the Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference (Amsterdam)
  • Organizor of the symposium The archaeology of culture contact (Leiden, with the Graduate School of the Faculty of Archaeology)

Invited presentations from 2008 onwards (international)


  • Frankfurt (Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference)
  • Rome (international conference Beyond Egyptomania. Appropriations of Egypt in Rome)
  • Rome (international conference The archaeology of Roman religion)
  • Wolfenbüttel (Herzog August Bibliothek, Resultate und Desiderate der Erforschung und Dokumentation der Geschichte des Ägypten-rezeption)

  • Boulogne (Vth International Conference of Isis Studies)
  • Exeter (table-round Globalisation & the Roman world: perspectives and opportunities)
  • Groningen (annual CMRS lecture)
  • Oslo (European Association of Archaeologists, Annual Meeting)
  • Toulouse (colloque international Panthée. Les mutations religieuses dans l’Empire romain)

  • Alexandria (Biblioteca Alexandrina)
  • Bern (Center for Global Studies)
  • Cairo (Institut Français d’Archéologie Orientale)
  • Leuven (Leuven Unversity, archaeological research seminar)
  • Oxford (Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference)

  • Ann Arbor, Michigan (Roman Archaeology Conference)
  • Heidelberg (Cluster of excellence Asia and Europe in a global context)
  • Leiden (key-note at the Current research in Egyptology conference)

  • Amsterdam (Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference)
  • Istanbul (Netherlands Institute in Turkey)
  • Liège (IVth International Conference of Isis Studies)
  • Lisbon (European Social Science History Conference)

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