Chiara Piccoli MA

Telephone number: +31 (0)71 527 2727
Faculty / Department: Faculteit Archeologie, World Archaeology, Archaeology of the Mediterranean
Office Address: Van Steenis gebouw
Einsteinweg 2
2333 CC Leiden
Room number FLEX


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Chiara Piccoli obtained a Bachelor Degree cum laude in Cultural Heritage at the University of Trento (Italy) with a thesis on the 3D reconstruction of a late Hellenistic fortress spring in East Cilicia and a Master Degree cum laude in Greek and Roman Archaeology at the University of Siena (Italy) with a thesis on the typological study of oil lamps from the site of Thamusida (Morocco). She obtained a second Master Degree cum laude in Book and Digital Media Studies at Leiden University. She worked in several excavations and surveys in Italy, Greece and Morocco and collaborated with the universities of Trento, Siena, Thessaloniki, Cyprus and Leiden.

Currently she is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Archaeology at Leiden University with a project on the virtual reconstruction of ancient cities in Boeotia. Since November 2010, she is appointed researcher for the ‘Collective Experience of Empathic Data System’ (CEEDS) project. Her research interests include the exploitation of computer graphics and digital media for digitisation, three-dimensional documentation and preservation of cultural heritage.

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