Student rules and regulations

Rules & regulations, as well as standards and procedures for Master and Research Master students.

Student Charter

The "Studentenstatuut" (Student Charter) gives access to those university regulations which are of particular relevance to students. 

  • the most important students’ rights and obligations, and some information about student facilities at our University
  • an overview of the legal obligations and rights available to international students following any of the government-funded degree programmes: (Where relevant, extra information that we consider important to non-Dutch students has been added)

See the Student Charter

Standards and procedures

For the standards and procedures of the Faculty of Archaeology please visit the following websites:

Standards and procedures for Master students
Standards and procedures for Research Master students

General (Research) Master regulations of Leiden University:

Regulations for admission to the Master's Programmes
Code of conduct in ICT supprted education
Language of Instruction

Other University Regulations:

Besides those regulations which are mentioned in the Student Charter, the university and its community are also bound by a number of additional regulations which cover various subjects. The university is in the process of translating all available regulations.  Please refer to the website Universitaire Regelingen for a list of available university regulations.


Last Modified: 01-10-2013