Fieldwork Abroad

Staff taking students on fieldwork abroad are required by the University to submit complete records of students travelling with them. The health and welfare of students is the responsibility of those leading the fieldwork, for the duration of the trip.

Faculty Contact for Collecting Information

The Faculty’s contact for collecting information about fieldwork abroad is Yvonne Haring. Yvonne will be in touch to lead you through the necessary administration. Those leading fieldwork trips should be proactive in sharing details of the trip with Yvonne.

Crisis Communication

The information gathered by Yvonne Haring will be stored on the University’s blackboard site, Crisis Communication. This is accessible to all members of the Faculty Board. This means, that in the event of a crisis abroad, the Faculty and the University are able to speedily provide support and advice.

Students on Faculty Fieldwork or Internships arranged by the Faculty

Students are not required to register their participation in fieldwork, this is the responsibility of the member of staff directing the fieldwork. Do make sure, however, that you provide any information they ask for, and keep the home-front informed.

Those travelling abroad for internships should share details of their trip abroad with their Internship Supervisor at the Faculty.

Students travelling independently, TERRA trips, etc.

There is no legal responsibility for the Faculty or university to track student activities abroad which are carried out in the context of university societies, or private travel.

However, it can be useful, in the event of  a crisis event, for the Faculty to be able to account for the whereabouts of students. When travelling in term time as a group, outside the Netherlands, a brief timetable and list of participants may be mailed to Yvonne Haring.

Last Modified: 22-01-2015