A timeless vale. Archaeological and related essays on the Jordan Valley in honour of Gerrit van der Kooij on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday.

ASLU 19 - Eva Kaptijn and Lucas Petit (2009)

The Jordan Valley was and still is a place of many different facets: a barrier as well as a demographic centre, a steppe region as well as a fertile agricultural zone, and a region with a mix of different ethnic groups, cultures and ideas. The area forms a rich source of information for scholars of various disciplines and with different academic backgrounds.

The chapters are chronologically and topically diverse and cover such varied themes as

  • an overview of Dutch cultural and archaeological activities in Jordan during the last fifty years (Raouf Sa’d Abujaber),
  • historical reports of the Zerqa Triangle (Eva Kaptijn),
  • the palaeoecology of the Hula area (Willem van Zeist, Uri Baruch and Sytze Bottema), K
  • hirbet Kerak Ware found at Jericho (Lorenzo Nigro),
  • the Jordan Valley during the Early Bronze Age (Moawiyah M. Ibrahim),
  • agrarian settlement and interaction during the Bronze Age (Steven E. Falconer and Patricia L. Fall),
  • textile production at Tell ’Abū al-Kharāz (Peter M. Fischer),
  • clay tablets of Tell Deir ‘Allā (Zeidan A. Kafafi),
  • a shrine model from Tel Kinrot (Martti Nissinen and Stefan Münger),
  • an anthropomorphic statue from Tell Dāmiyah (Lucas P. Petit),
  • metallurgical excavations at Tell Hammeh and Tel Beth-Shemesh (H. Alexander Veldhuijzen),
  • the Persian period at Tell Deir ‘Allā (Niels C.F. Groot),
  • and sugar production in Jericho during the Ayyubid and Mamluk periods (Hamdan Taha). 

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A timeless vale brings together thirteen studies in honour of Gerrit van der Kooij on the occasion of his retirement as lecturer in Near Eastern Archaeology at Leiden University.
This tribute to Gerrit van der Kooij provides a rich and varied collection of archaeological and related essays on the Jordan Valley.

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