mr. A.A.A. (Angus) Mol MPhil


Angus Mol, Mphil (Hons) is a Caribbean archaeologist and exchange theory specialist. For his Research Master, which he finished in 2007 at Leiden University, he explored the social mechanisms of Pre-Columbian exchange with a case-study on “guaízas” (Late Ceramic Age Caribbean shells depicting a face) by viewing these artefacts as social valuables (see link below).  

Currently Angus is a PhD student in the VICI-research Communicating Communities (Prof. Hofman). In his research Angus will deal with the topic of social valuables from a Pan-Caribbean perspective. Using exchange theories from a wide range of paradigms he will interpret distribution patterns of artefacts and concentrate on their distinct social value in the exchange systems of the Greater Caribbean area (consisting of the Antilles and the Caribbean coastal area), he will address such questions as to what extent it is possible to speak of a unified exchange system (or systems) within which local interaction spheres were socio-culturally integrated and mediated and, if so, how these system(s) would have operated.

Additionally, Angus Mol takes an active interest in the epistemological backgrounds of paradigm formation in archaeology, specifically concerning the perceived interpretational incompatibility of the human and natural sciences. In his research on exchange he has adopted a position of consilience of these two paradigms by combining concepts of the “Maussian gift” with that of “Costly Signalling Theory.”  

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