Contact Undergraduate Programme

The Undergraduate programme is managed by a director who is responsible for the general coordination of the programme. The director will receive his directions from the Faculty Board (chair of education) and will be supported by policy officers and an education committee.


Dr J.A. (Joanne) Mol
Einsteinweg 2, Room A006,
Telephone 071-5272427

Study advisor

Mrs Drs F.C.M. (Femke) Tomas
Einsteinweg 2, Room A007a
Office hours: by appointment
Telephone + 31 (0)71 527 1687

Admission Committee

  • Dr J.A. (Joanne) Mol
  • Prof. dr. H. (Harry) Fokkens
  • Drs. A.M. (Audrey) Aijpassa

Last Modified: 12-08-2014