The Faculty Council is the main consultation and advisory body within the Faculty of Archaeology and plays an intermediary role between different segments of the organization of the Faculty. The Council has rights of approval and advice on a variety of issues concerning the Faculty. Its membersĀ  also act as representatives for students and staff as well as providing critical feedback on policies and decisions from the Faculty and University Board. Do you have an idea or suggestion to improve our faculty? Or do you have a complaint and are you unsure who to approach? Please do not hesitate to contact one of the members of the Faculty Council!


The Faculty Council consists of six members of the faculty: three staff members (including research, support and managerial staff), and three students. The staff representatives are elected for two years, students for one year.



  • Caril Peters
  • Auke Heitz
  • Matthijs van Riel

Last Modified: 08-02-2017