Research Committee

The Research Committee advises the Faculty Board on matters concerning research.

The Research Committee of the Faculty of Archaeology advises the Faculty Board –requested or not- about matters that (directly) concern the research projects that are carried out by the Faculty members.


Please direct all your mail and questions to the executive secretary of the Scientific Committee:

Dr Roswitha Manning
Einsteinweg 2, room A215
telephone +31 (0)71 527 2446

The research committee advises the Graduate School of Archaeology on PhD research proposals of prospective self-funded PhD students with a PhD graduation planned at the Faculty. The assessment is based on prior training and CV, project proposal (see Application Form) and should include a motivated recommendation by the supervisor.

See for more information the guidelines for self-funded PhD researchers.

Research Grant Applications of Faculty staff

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Submission of all ‘major’ research grant applications should be carried out according to Faculty guidelines, see the guidelines for grant seekers and the deadline table 2016:

Deadline Research funding opportunity with link Deadline Research Committee Faculty of Archaeology
1 December 2015 Rubicon  --
5 January 2016 Veni 1 December 2015
2 February 2016 ERC Consolidator Grant 14 December 2015
3 Maart 2016 PhD grants in the Humanities* 15 January 2016
March 2016** Vici 1 February 2016
3 September 2016 Free Competition NWO Humanities 15 July 2016
1 September 2016 ERC advanced grant   15 July 2016
1 October 2016 Vidi 15 August 2016
November 2016** ERC Starting Grant 1 October 2016
*: call will be online December 1
**: deadline is not advertised yet  

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