Undergraduate - Graduate

The Faculty of Archaeology offers an Undergraduate Programme (propaedeutic, Bachelor 2 and Bachelor 3) and a Graduate Programme (Masters, Research Masters, and PhD).  

Each programme is managed by a director, responsible for the general coordination of the programme. Both directors receive their directions from the Faculty Board (chair of education) and are supported by a policy officer and an education committee.  

Both education committees look after the interests of the students concerned. They advise the Faculty Board on all matters educational, such as education timetables, studeability, etc.  

There is one examination committee for both programmes.    

The Undergraduate Programme is in Dutch and has its own website in Dutch.
The Graduate Programme is in English and has its own website in English.  

The Faculty Council functions as a representative advisory body and consists of six persons.  

The Committee Quality monitors the entire system of quality care within the Faculty and advises the Faculty Board on this.  

The Scientific Committee gives solicited and unsolicited advice to the Board on matters concerning research carried out or to be carried out within the Faculty.

Last Modified: 02-09-2013