16 June: Heritagization and Commoditization of Ritual Resources: A Case Study of the Saisiyat Indigenous Group in Taiwan

Lecture by Prof. Dr. Chia-yu Hu, Professor of Department of Anthropology, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Venue: Gravensteen building, room 111.

Time: 16 June 2014,  14:30-16:30 (drink reception provided after the lecture)

The Speaker

Prof. Dr. Chia-yu Hu is Professor of Department of Anthropology and Director of the Museum of Anthropology of National Taiwan University. She has done research on Saisiyat indigenous people, material culture of Taiwan Aboriginals, and has participated in the designation of intangible heritage in Taiwan. Her research interest lies in Museology, Interpretation of Museum and Culture, Material Cultural Studies, Ethnographic Collection Management and Studies.

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