Production PhD thesis

The PhD candidate is responsible for the production of at least 30 hard copies of his/her dissertation. The PhD candidate may not duplicate the dissertation before the PhD committee has decided that he/she is allowed to defend the dissertation. At that time he/she also needs the approval of the title page by the beadle. In principle, the dissertation should not exceed 100,000 words.

At least three weeks before the time of the defence, the PhD candidate delivers ten copies of the dissertation and the propositions to the beadle and ten copies to the Dean for the benefit of the Opposition Committee. In addition, the candidate delivers five copies to the University Library, and submits the dissertation in digital form to the University Library of Leiden University, for the benefit of the Institutional Repository (IR) of the University.

A copy of the dissertation and the propositions is deposited at the beadle’s office for public inspection for a period of at least two weeks before the defence.

At least three weeks before the date of the defence, the PhD candidate licenses the University for non-exclusive publication in digital form, if necessary with an embargo. To grant this license the PhD candidate is obliged to sign the standard licensing contract (see notes on the Leiden University phd regulation 2008  ).
This contract provides for an allowance (€ 500) for the candidate. The period of a possible embargo, as referred to in this paragraph is determined in mutual consent by the candidate and the University.

The PhD candidate can publish the dissertation but is not obliged to do so.

PhD candidates are given the opportunity to publish the dissertation by means of printing-on-demand (POD) with Leiden University press (LUP) in the form of a book.

ASLU (Archaeological Studies Leiden University) is a book series produced by the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University. The aim of the series is to publish PhD dissertations and other research carried out by the Faculty.

The first volume of ASLU appeared in 1998. Since 2007 the series has been published in Open Access and as a print on demand service by Leiden University Press (LUP). ASLU publications are advertised by Chicago University Press, Manchester University Press and Oxbow.   

If PhD candidates publish their dissertation in ASLU, the Faculty of Archaeology will cover up to € 2000 of the costs for the production of 50 copies. This contribution can be used not only for the cost of printing, but also for translation, travel and other expenses related to production of the publication. Of all expenses receipts should be kept.

If publishing in ASLU, the candidate has to deliver a complete pdf of the thesis at least three months before the time of the defence. He/she can also ask Leiden University Press to do the styling of the book but this will be at additional costs. There is an option to include colour figures in the book but again at additional costs.

For more information and detailed guidelines for publishing in ASLU please contact Hans Kamermans or click here.

Last Modified: 11-11-2010