The GSA annual review

The GSA has set up a monitoring system for internal PhD students, housed at the Faculty of Archaeology:  the GSA Annual Review.  All ‘resident’ GSA PhD students, funded and self-funded, full- & part-timers, have a personal, confidential  interview once a year, and more often if problems are detected, providing an opportunity for the PhD student to discuss their project and matters related to it (feasibility, supervision, education, delay, conflict) with members of staff who are not part of the PhD project’s supervision team.

PhD regulations

The regulations tell you when you have to submit the various appendices to work towards a PhD.


A summary is given below of the steps in the formal procedure leading to the public defence of your dissertation.

Production PhD thesis

The PhD candidate is responsible for the production of at least 30 hard copies of his/her dissertation. The PhD candidate may not duplicate the dissertation before the PhD committee has decided that he/she is allowed to defend the dissertation. At that time he/she also needs the approval of the title page by the beadle. In principle, the dissertation should not exceed 100,000 words. The PhD candidate can publish the dissertation but is not obliged to do so.