Admission and registration of PhD researchers

Leiden University distinguishes four basic categories registration purposes: Funded PhD students, Contract PhD students, Other Internal PhD students and External PhD students.

  1. Funded PhD students: appointed at the Faculty of Archaeology specifically to do PhD research, with an obligation towards the Faculty to graduate
  2. Contract PhD students: not appointed at Leiden University, but working with an external (international) scholarship, with an obligation towards this external financing institution (grant supplier) to graduate.
  3. Other Internal PhD students: persons with a paid position at the University (but not appointed to do PhD research), working on a dissertation without an obligation to graduate.
  4. External PhD students: not appointed at Leiden University, working ‘selffunded’ on their dissertation, supervised by a member of the Faculty. They may be ‘resident’, housed at the Faculty, with facilities from the Graduate School, or are working in their own workspace (abroad), with a part-time job, loan, or personal funds.
  All external PhD researchers need to register at the Graduate School of Archaeology by filling in this registration form.

If you wish to become a self-funded PhD researcher at the Graduate School of Archaeology, your acceptance will be based on:

  1. your prior training and CV
  2. your project proposal (see Application Form below) including a discussion of research questions, workplan etc
  3. a motivated recommendation by your supervisor, and a declaration of willingness to act as such.
  4. your PhD graduation planned at the Faculty of Archaeology.

    PhD application form


For more information and/or Word versions of the application forms please contact Dr. R. Manning.

Last Modified: 04-03-2014