Additions and changes to the Board of Examiners Rules and Regulations

Read about the changes made in the Board of Examiners Rules and Regulations for 2016-2017:

Midterm exams:
1. when the e-study guide states that compensation is possible among midterm exam grades, at least a score of 5.0 needs to have been obtained. Compensation is not possible in case of lower grades.
2. All midterm exams need to have been taken in the same academic year. Midterm exams that have been passed cannot be used in the following academic years. The same rule applies to cases where midterm exams have been passed in previous years, but there was a fail for the full course. In these cases the whole course needs to be retaken.

Fails: Please keep the following in mind when writing your thesis: Should you receive a fail for your thesis, you have 6 weeks (after receiving your result) to make improvements. The new grade will have a maximum of 7.0. If you fail this new version, you need to write a new thesis. There is a transitional arrangement until 15 December 2016, for students who have handed in their thesis the past summer, and received a fail.

Extra retake:
If you only need to pass 1 course in order to graduate (bachelor/master/research master), you can file a request with the Board of Examiners for an extra retake for that course. In order to be granted this extra retake you need to have taken both exam opportunities (first exam, plus the regular retake), and you need to have obtained a result of at least 4.0.

Rules and regulations Board of Examiners 2016-2017 (English)

Regels en richtlijnen Examencommissie 2016-2017 (Dutch)

Last Modified: 05-10-2016