Graduation protocol for the Faculty of Archaeology.

Graduation protocol

Your actual graduation takes place when your academic requirements have been completed (see uSis). After that, you can participate in a graduation ceremony, organised twice a year. 

MA and RMA-students can graduate after:

  • having completed their course programme as approved by the Examination Committee;
  • their thesis has been approved and graded by their supervisors;
  • the Examination Committee has approved the thesis’ grading form and mark;
  • all results are registered in the student registration system (uSis).
See the thesis deadlines for all specific significant dates and instructions on how to graduate.

The graduation ceremony

Each September and February, the Faculty of Archaeology organises a graduation ceremony.

During the ceremony the candidates will be handed their diploma after a short laudatio by their supervisor. Besides the candidates, their relatives and friends are welcome and all staff members involved will be present. After the ceremony, all attendants are welcome to have a drink On behalf of the Faculty of Archaeology. 

The exact dates for the BA and MA ceremonies are communicated to all students via the weekly newsletters. All students who have applied for attending the ceremony will receive an invitation from the Board of Examiners with details on location and time.


If you have completed your thesis and you want to participate in the next graduation ceremony, send an application e-mail to the Administration Office.

For more information about graduation, please contact Corijanne Slappendel, study advisor for the Graduate School of Archaeology.

Last Modified: 31-08-2016