Student participation in Education Committee

The main goals of the Education Committee are:

  • To give advice on the education- and examination regulations (known as the OER in Dutch)

  • Evaluate if the OER regulations are in fact being fulfilled

  • To give advice about all matters concerning the education of the faculty (such as student guidance, level of the courses, dispersion of the exams, presence and quality of reading material etc.)

If you encounter any problems with the above or you have a remark or question concerning the education of the faculty, it is important to notify the members of the EC. They will discuss these issues in their monthly meetings and plan to take action to help improve the quality of the educational programme.
The EC will always provide you with feedback whenever you file complaints and will make clear what action(s) shall be taken.

Education Committee

  • Prof. dr. F.C.W.J. (Frans) Theuws (chair)
  • Dr. M.H. (Mike) Field
  • Dr. D.J.G. (Dennis) Braekmans
  • D. (Dita) Auzina (RMA student)
  • F.J. (Frank) van Spelde (MA student)
  • V. (Vivian) van der Werf (MA student)

You can contact the Education Committee by e-mail.

You can approach the student members at any time, whether it is in the university or by e-mail. You can also find more detailed information about the EC in the Blackboard module “studentensite”, for which you are advised to enrol.

Surveys and Cohort evaluations

You can contact the committee members mentioned above if you encounter any problems, but the Education Committee and assessor are also actively seeking students' feedback on education. One of their tools are the student surveys that e-mailed or posted on Blackboard at the end of each course, to evaluate the course and lecturer. The results emerging from these surveys are gathered and evaluated by the Education Committee, and the lecturers receive advice on how to improve their lectures.

Apart from the surveys, the assessor organises Cohort evaluations at the end of each semester. During these evaluations, student representatives consult with all students from a specific year in order to evaluate the education of the past two blocks. The results ensuing from these meetings will be used to reorganise the lessons for the next academic year. Also, the results from the surveys will be discussed.
In order to form a correct image of a course, and of the opinion of students, it is extremely important that the surveys are filled in properly. The same applies to the Cohortevaluations; the presence of as many students as possible is required for the faculty to form a clear idea of what to change about a certain course/procedure.

Last Modified: 09-02-2016