Student complaints procedure

Who to address with complaints or criticism?

On the programme

The study advisor should be the first person to address with general questions or problems. In case of serious criticism or an official complaint there are however several options.

Please, try to resolve the issue with the lecturer involved first. If no agreement is achieved, you can choose the appropriate option from the possibilities below.


  • General: contact the graduate curriculum coordinator, C.G. Slappendel. If necessary, your complaint will be forwarded to the appropriate person. Issues that need an instant solution should be addressed to the curriculum coordinator as well.

  • Complaints about a specific course: indicate this on the evaluation form or contact the graduate education committee (prof. dr. Frans Theuws) or the assessor (student member of the Faculty Board).

  • Complaints on the programme or the time schedule can be discussed with the student members of the education committee during the panel discussions.

  • Complaints on final assessments or exams should be addressed to the Board of Examiners

If none of the options above result in a satisfying solution, you can address your complaint to theĀ ombuds officer for students of the University

If you are experiencing undesirable behaviour, such as sexual harassment, aggression, violence or discrimination, you can turn to the confidential counsellor of our faculty, Prof dr. A. van Gijn. She will discuss the problem with you in confidence and together you will look for possible solutions.

Last Modified: 06-11-2014