Registration in uSis

All Archaeology students are required to register in uSis for study activities that are officially graded.

For which study activities should I enrol?

As of September 2015 you are no longer required to enrol for lectures. Enrolment for exams (written exams, papers, presentations, etc.) is still mandatory.

Also, you are no longer required to enrol for retakes.
Students who have participated in the first exam opportunity and have failed the exam, will automatically be enrolled for the retake.

You can only do a retake if you have taken the first exam opportunity.
So even though you have applied for the first exam opportunity, you need to actually take the exam in order to be enrolled for a retake. Mere enrolment is not sufficient.

If you feel your case is an exception to the rule, you can submit a request to the Board of Examiners.

You do not need to register for your thesis or fieldwork; the Administration Office will do this for you.

What are the deadlines for enrolment?

* all exam study activities will be open 100 days before the exam/deadline.

* you can enrol via uSis until 10 days before the exam/deadline takes place. After that period you will no longer be able to enrol via uSis.

* when enrolment for an exam is closed and you have not enrolled yet, you have the opportunity to send the Examination Committee a request (including proper motivation) for enrolment, until 5 days before the exam/deadline takes place.

* between 5 days before the exam and the exam date, there is no possibility to enrol. You are then excluded from participation, and will not receive a grade.

How do I enrol?

You can find the required studieactiviteitnummers (study activity numbers) in the time schedules on the Faculty of Archaeology website.

1) Go to and log in with your student number and password.

2.) Go to Selfservice > Studentencentrum (Student centre) > Inschrijven (Register) > Inschrijven met het nummer van de studieactiviteit (register with study activity number) > select the correct period (= academic year), click Doorgaan (Continue).

3.) Enter the study activity number and click Doorgaan (Continue). Tick the study activity box and click In winkelwagen (add to shopping cart).
Add all the study activity numbers for the courses or exams for which you want to register.

4.) Go to your shopping cart and tick the boxes of all the courses/exams, click Inschrijven (register) and Inschrijving voltooien (Complete registration).

5.) Check if your registration for all the courses/exams has succeeded. If there is green check mark your registration is complete, a red cross means there are errors.


Read up on all the information about the registration procedure in the uSis manual.

Need help?

For more information on registration via uSis, manuals and FAQ, see the Student support uSis webpage.

If, however, you are still unable to enroll after seeking help, please contact the Administration Office well before the registration deadline expires.

Last Modified: 17-12-2015