Archive reports

Because the quality assurance system aims to provide insight, all the reports approved by the board of the Faculty will be published.

View on Quality

This brochure describes the vision of education and the quality assurance cycle in the Bachelor, Master, Research Master and PhD programmes given by the Faculty of Archaeology at Leiden University.
It is an overview in the sense that it addresses all the aspects but not everything in detail. If necessary, we refer to underlying documents. The brochure also gives form to the distribution of the programmes established on 1 September 2007 between an Undergraduate School of Archaeology (UGSE) and a Graduate School of Archaeology (GSA). These schools must be regarded as the organisational framework in which the various programmes are accommodated.

Quality reports on programmes

The quality assurance reports focus on the quality of the programme. In order to test this, every year several evaluations are conducted concerning the four main points of the quality of the education: the relationship between objectives, content and work form; assessments; didactics and the relationship between scientific research and education.

Last Modified: 25-02-2015