The Archaeological Forum is the only faculty-wide general archaeological meeting open to all staff and students (graduate and undergraduate). Meetings take place every 2 weeks on Tuesday afternoons from 4-5pm. Forum topics are broad-ranging and bring together archaeological research from all regions and specialisms for presentation to a broader archaeological audience with the aim of provoking discussion. This is achieved by a series of talks in which researchers present their work. Presentations are about 30-40 minutes, followed by a discussion which can be continued in a more informal setting!

If you would like to present your research, or have a suggestions for a speaker, please contact the organisers.

Programme 2015-2016

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September 22

Amy Strecker, Sada Mire, Manuel May Castillo (joint lecture)

Van Steenis Room F.104

October 20

Mark Hauser

Van Steenis Room F.104

November 17

Guilio Lucarini

Van Steenis Room F1.02

All talks 4 pm till 5 pm